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Our Responsibility is to You: Welcome to Respocial

Who We Are For You

Your Safe Space

We focus on providing a warm community that reduces the stresses of daily life by creating a space where you feel safe and secure. #respocial

Your Resource

We deliver real time resources in navigating familiar and sometimes unfamiliar moments in life. We are the ear to streets and the plug you've been waiting for! #thatswassup

Your Support

We cultivate a compassionate digital environment for you to seek support so you can get back on track to being your best self. #nottoday

Your Tribe

Respocial silences the noise of isolation in an ever present digital age helping you curate a responsive tribe when you need them most. You are never alone again. #mycircle

Your Data

We are not here to capture information for the benefit of advertising. We capture information to drive better solutions to your everyday needs. #nofilter


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Our Core Values







Respocial Services Include:


Respocial Media

We've created a digital space where the responsibility is to what best serves the user's well-being. Respocial Media serves as an interactive safe space for the user.


Respocial Legal

We understand the challenges and pressure that comes with seeking legal guidance. Respocial Legal helps you find the right legal support for your needs.


Respocial HR

We provide personalized and timely HR support to help individual navigate issues affecting their work life We guide people in making key decisions for their success.


Respocial Wellness

Optimal health and wellness is achieved when we align our environment, body and spirit as one. Through an integrative approach, we give you the tools to wellness.

What People Are Saying

“Before Respocial came along, I lost hope and didn't think I would be able find the support I needed to navigate my professional challenges. One2gration Respocial services came along side me and gave me the resources I needed to believe I could face any challenge confidently."

October 10, 2022

-Terrence Wright

“I love how I can reach out to my entire circle of close family and friends directly without having to send group text messages. My Circle is the best tool yet!"

September 15, 2023

-Stanza Geraldson

“Finally! A platform that supports every aspect of my life! It is a social media platform that I feel I can be the real me 24/7 without feeling afraid to help when I need it most!"

October 28, 2023

-Calibra Johnson

“Nice to have a positive online environment to socialize in but yet also serves a greater purpose."

June 12, 2023

-Byron Williams

 A Proud One2Gration Company

One2Gration Inc. is an inclusive company built around bringing solutions to the world through technology. In doing so, we drive the mission of community being the driving thread that gives us a unified purpose. ​
We believe that by delivering services and products to serve humanity at large we can inspire people to participate with a purpose to serve the greater whole.