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Harness the power of your voice in both the tech sphere and beyond. As a distinguished guest on "Our Diverse Perspectives," you can elevate your insights and make an indelible mark.

Featured Programs to Showcase Your Prowess:

    TECH TALKS: Delve deep into tech innovations, collaborating with industry leaders and sharing enlightening tech narratives.

    BUSINESS NEWS: Be at the forefront of "Our Diverse Perspectives" as we unravel business trends, updates, and bring organizational news to the forefront for an informed audience.

    WHAT'S THE WHAT SHOW: Join the conversation with Techpreneur, Jeffrey McKinney, the driving force behind One2Gration, as we navigate the pillars of people, purpose, and participation.


Step into the Spotlight with Our Featured Programming

Seize a unique opportunity to stand front and center in our dynamic and engaging Featured Programs. By showcasing your expertise and insights, you not only amplify your voice but also position yourself as an industry frontrunner. Associating with our esteemed programs allows you to interact with a captive audience, gain invaluable exposure, and foster meaningful connections. By choosing to be part of this journey, you elevate your profile, share knowledge, and collaborate with other visionary leaders. Let's shape the narrative of the tech world together, and in doing so, provide value, spark inspiration, and drive impactful conversations.

Tech News



Connecting with Tech and Corporate leaders to share all things Technology.

Business News



All things business updates and organizational news for the people.

The What's What Show



Our CEO, Jeffrey McKinney, shares all things people, purpose & participation.

Why Share Your Perspective?:

Dive into diverse realms, each channel tailored to illuminate, empower, and resonate.

    Engage with a new, diverse audience.

    Amplify your influence and extend your reach.

    Establish yourself as an industry thought leader.

Dive Deeper into Our Diverse Perspectives

Our Core Pillars:

    Community: Work is more than the hours clocked. It's about creating a vibrant community committed to a larger purpose.

    Culture: For a genuine community to flourish, the foundation of organizational values and norms must align. This alignment fosters growth, grants a competitive edge, and streamlines success.

    Consulting: At Diverse Perspectives, we empower organizations to intertwine the ideals of community and culture within their technology strategies, business planning, organizational development, and diversity initiatives. Our vision is to enhance outcomes for businesses, both nascent and established.

Your voice and expertise can illuminate and inspire. Let's redefine the narrative together!

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